History of Nagar Palik Nigam Jabalpur
  • In 1864, when the Municipality was established, there was not even a single big building in the city, in which Municipal office could be opened along with its different sections. Thus in the GARAHA one old building was taken on rent in which Municipal office was started.
  • In the Municipal Committee two members as representative of public were also appointed , so that it could  be realized by the public that schemes are being implemented for  the welfare of public .
  • In the year 1864, when "Lucknow nagar Palika Act" came into  effect, under which Dy. Commissioner was named as chairman of Municipality. Mr. W.H.Newhard was the 1st  Dy. Commissioner & chairman of the Municipal committee .
  • So many prominent persons of the city were given the honour of chairman Municipality. Rai Bahadur B.C. Dutta was the 1st  Indian who was given the honour to become Ist Chairman of the Municipality. During his tenure as chairman, so many welfare schemes were launched by this institution.
  • In 1935, Madhya Pradesh Govt. took over the total administration of the  Nagar Palika under him. Sri Murli Manohar seth was appointed as its Administrator.
  • After Independence, In  1948 the Nagar Palika Act (Act No.3-1948) was passed . Under this Act on june 1 ,1950 Jabalpur Nagar Nigam was established . Under this Act city was divided into 30 wards  & the notification was issued on 18 Jan. 1949. There was a provision of 43 members in the committee, in which 34 will be elected members, six selected & three  members will be nominated, it was the provision.  On Oct 20, 1959 in a special called meeting, "the Slogan” of  Nigam was  decided . For this slogan the sentence “Aniverdah Shriyomoolam” was decided, the literal meaning of this  sentence  is “ Progress  is always done , by doing the continuous work”.